Stories of Success at Goodness and Mercy Missions

Tufoin Silvia’s Donation

In the month of August 2022, Tufoin Silvia surprised everyone at Goodness and Mercy Missions by donating quality school material to 70 children and students the organization helps. This in preparation for the approaching school year. Tufoin Silvia has received her education under Goodness and Mercy Missions sponsorship. Like other grateful people, she has decided to do to others what has been done to her. The Goodness and Mercy Missions family is deeply grateful.

Empowering Rural Women through Table Banking

One of the objectives of Goodness and Mercy Missions since 2007 has been to have rural women break free from generational cycles of poverty, are able to make independent financial decisions and have independence and leadership in their own destinies. This way, they are in a better position to support their children in school. From 2017, through our sub project EnKindle Cameroon (, we are able to support hundreds of rural women achieve this through Read more…

GMM Turns 13!

GOODNESS AND MERCY MISSIONS TURNS 13! Goodness and Mercy Missions is celebrating their 13th anniversary. It was started back in 2007 by Teh Francis. Who wanted the children to have a happy and healthy life.  Goodness and Mercy Missions was created to help the rural poor and the underprivileged with tools and means for a sustainable livelihood. Today we can boast of a lot of achievements. More than 4000 children have been helped, 2000 women Read more…

Gratitude from a Father Living with a Disability

This father living with a disability would pay a visit to the director of Goodness and Mercy Missions to personally thank the organization for helping his children over the years, one who has a disability also. Such reactions are very encouraging. Goodness and Mercy Missions has been helping underprivileged children, especially children living with a disability since 2007. They have access to a hassle free education or become productive in some other way.

Goodness and Mercy Missions work for Children with Disabilities

Since 2007, Goodness and Mercy Missions has been helping underprivileged children find life no longer unbearable. Most impressive has been its work with children with disabilities. It has taken many forms and each of these forms have shaped a better future for these children and their families. There has been direct sponsorship of these children in education and also some in learning a life skill. Some have been sponsored in special centres. Others have just Read more…